Murmli- and Starrest

Kids Restaurant

Murmlirest Serfaus

Murmlirest Serfaus

In the Starrest, kids from the age of 6 years embark on a voyage of discovery in various theme rooms that offer exciting and informative entertainment.

The Murmlirest invites kids under 6 years old to a magical journey with Murmli & the Snow Ghost. Every day two great menus can be chosen! The food was tested and chosen by kids for kids.

The Murmlirest is located directly at the middle station of the Komperdell cable car and can be easily and comfortably reached from the ski school and Kinderschneealm.

Starrest Serfaus

Starrest Serfaus

A visit to the Starrest is much more than just a normal lunchtime care! The ski instructors eat together with your children and experience unforgettable things with them in the one-hour lunch break.

At the "Starrest" the ski instructors eat with children and teens aged 6 and over and take the young stars on an exciting journey of discovery through the sporting and adventurous world of winter.

In total, there are seven different rooms to eat in, which are designed with scenes, exhibitions and multimedia.

In the Freestyle room, a cool graffiti skier jumps out of the wall, and the Time Warp room is a tornado through the history of skiing. In the Race room, the instructors and children can analyse racing scenes that have been taken previously during ski training. The special food was tested and chosen by children, for children. There are two menus to choose from every day. The Starrest is right next to the midway station of the Komperdellbahn and is within easy and comfortable reach of the ski school and the Kinderschneealm.


Murmlirest or the Starrest

per day

€ 23,-

"Schlemmererlebnis" - lunch and lunchtime entertainment with the instructors in the Murmlirest or Starrest.
Parents are not allowed in the kids restaurants.

Restaurant Starrest
Einzigartiges Kinderrestaurant Starrest
Schlemmererlebnis im neuen Murmlirest!
Das Starrest auf Komperdell 2000
Murmlirest für die Kleinsten
Schlemmererlebnis im Starrest
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