from 3 years

Snowboarding from 3 years old

In the special new Snowboard Beginners’ Course in the lower section of the existing Beginners’ Circus Serfaus, you can learn to snowboard much more easily with the help of various ramps, boxes, wave tracks, obstacles and a carousel! Using this learning method, lessons are possible for kids from the age of 3!



SB 7:
sliding BS/FS, zig-zagging
SB 6: first descent, how to use the lift, J-turn, different types of turns
SB 5: drifting and shifting your weight, following the instructor's tracks
SB 4: advanced drifting, switch, ollie, 50/50 boxe, five-O, blue kicker - straight ride,  straight jumps (airbag)
SB 3: short turns, freeriding, nollie, nosepress, tailpress, spins, boardslide, red kicker - straight, first grabs (airbag)
SB 2: body bend, freeriding, jipping FS/BS 180°, kicker red - grab, FS boardslide, street take-off, 180° airbag
SB 1: freeriding, short central position, mogul slope, all 180°, 360°, butter tricks, kicker black - grab, boxer, Rails, rotation airbag

Lesson times

Group lesson times

Sunday to Friday
from 10.30am to 12.30pm and from 1.30am to 3.30pm 

There are no group-lessons on Saturdays.
Private-lessons are possible every day!

Main group devision on Sunday
30 minutes before the course begins at Komperdell 2,000m

Please note the Double Starting, lunch and finishing Times during the peak periods!

Meeting points

Meeting Points

Treffpunkt Snowboarder

All snowboarders meet at the yellow flag right next to Komperdell middle station (2,000 m).


Prices snowboard

Full-day lesson 4h
10.30am - 12.30pm & 1.30pm - 3.30pm
 *Extension option: € 38
**6-day value ticket: € 300

1 day

€ 81

2 days

€ 162

3 days

€ 207

4 days

€ 245

5 days

€ 283

6 days

€ 321

*from the 4th day
**book a 6-day ticket and get a better price!

Snowboardkurs für Kids ab 3 Jahren
Snowboardkurs mit der Skischule Serfaus
Eine spezielle Lernmethode verspricht viel Erfolg beim Snowboardkurs
Snowboardkurs für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
Snowboarden mit der Skischule Serfaus
Snowboardkurs für Fortgeschrittene
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