Performance Group 1 to 8

We offer 6 to 12 year old advanced skiers a globally unique instructional and adventure program. We want to give your kids & teens a new opportunity for identification with this individual instructional model and get them even more enthusiastic about the wonderful sport of skiing.

Advanced kids are devided into three groups according to the existing ability levels 1 - 8: NewStars, YoungStars, CoolStars, SuperStars. In addition to the usual skiing lesson, the main focus in each module is on four training disciplines: ski technique, safety, freestyle and competitive skiing. 

SnowStar Kids meet at the purple flag next to the snowstar base camp at the Komperdell middel station (2,000 m).


Kids and Teens become Stars! (K 7-8)

Newstar - Kids und Teens werden zu Stars!

Cross the Murmli Trail, the Animal Park and the Bear Piste. Learn how to use chairlifts and drag lifts and refine your ski technique in easy steps with and without poles! The rules for the ski race at the end of the week will also be learned and practiced.

The slopes have a new star! (K 5-6)

Youngstar - Die Piste hat einen neuen Star!

Skiing is cool. And freestyle is even cooler still. As well as perfecting your ski technique, you can take a cool jump into the fascinating wide world of freestyle skiing in our Beginners’ Snow Park. We’ll show you the proper racing technique and how to really go the distance on skis on our separate racing course.

With our new safety programme, you’ll learn the rules of the slopes and proper behaviour in the event of a ski accident without all the boring theory.

I rock the slopes! (K 3-4)

Coolstar - Ich rock die Piste

We’ll hone your skiing and freestyle technique and make you the star of the snow park, while in our diversified technique training, we’ll Show you how to best make use of your body, ability and brains to move ahead on the slopes.

I’m a slope champion! (K 1-2)

As well as having mastered the perfect ski technique, you’re a star in the Jip and Progression Snow Park. Learn everything about the proper code of conduct in the mountains, how to calculate alpine risks and what to do in the event of an avalanche.

Lesson times

Group lesson times

Our double ski school offer with several staggered starting times will be greatly expanded in this year's winter season and offered in the period from 01.03.2021 to 09.04.2021!

The start times of individual performance groups are flexibly adapted to the respective situation and announced in good time.

The group size is kept as small as possible. We will try to be as flexible as possible, especially during the busy holiday weeks, so that all of our guests can take part in the ski courses.

When purchasing your ticket, you can choose one of the two ski school starting times listed below.
The earlier or later meal times and closing times are directly linked to this.

This staggered teaching model avoids long waiting times at the cable cars, in the restaurants, sports shops and in the ski school division and it offers you significantly more opportunities to enjoy your vacation.

When buying your ticket, you can choose one of the two ski school starting times.

Sunday to Friday

Start times: 9.30 a.m. or 10.30 a.m.

Lunchtime: 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. or 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Closing times: 2.30 p.m. or 3.30 p.m.

There are no group-lessons on Saturdays.
Private-lessons are possible every day!

Main group devision on Sunday
30 minutes before the course begins at Komperdell 2,000m

Meeting points

Meeting Point

Treffpunkt Snowstars

Advanced kids "SNOWSTARS" meet at the purple flag next to the snowstar base camp at the Komperdell middel station (2,000 m).


Full-day lesson 4h
10.30am - 12.30pm & 1.30pm - 3.30pm
 *Extension option: € 41
**6-day value ticket: € 326

1 day

€ 88

2 days

€ 176

3 days

€ 224

4 days

€ 265

5 days

€ 306

6 days

€ 347

*from the 4th day
**book a 6-day ticket and get a better price!


Starrest Serfaus

Starrest Serfaus

A visit to the Starrest is much more than just a normal lunchtime care! The ski instructors eat together with your children and experience unforgettable things with them in the one-hour lunch break.

At the "Starrest" the ski instructors eat with children and teens aged 6 and over and take the young stars on an exciting journey of discovery through the sporting and adventurous world of winter.

In total, there are seven different rooms to eat in, which are designed with scenes, exhibitions and multimedia.

In the Freestyle room, a cool graffiti skier jumps out of the wall, and the Time Warp room is a tornado through the history of skiing. In the Race room, the instructors and children can analyse racing scenes that have been taken previously during ski training. The special food was tested and chosen by children, for children. There are two menus to choose from every day. The Starrest is right next to the midway station of the Komperdellbahn and is within easy and comfortable reach of the ski school and the Kinderschneealm.


Murmlirest or the Starrest

per day

€ 19,50

"Schlemmererlebnis" - lunch and lunchtime entertainment with the instructors in the Murmlirest or Starrest.
Parents are not allowed in the kids restaurants.

Snowstars in der Skischule Serfaus
Renntraining für die Snowstars
Snowstars im Beginnerpark
Restaurant Starrest
Der Airbag im Beginnerpark
Einzigartiges Kinderrestaurant Starrest
Schlemmererlebnis im Starrest
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