Experience a great ski holiday in a youth group (without adults, but with loads of fun and action!) The main focus is to improve your alpine skiing technique! We offer you a wide range of activities: freeriding, freestyle and downhill skiing additon, we guarantee loads of fun with various trendy sport equipments like snowfox, skifox ...

Friday: boardercross race,

Prices for Group Lessons "Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding"

Kids, youth & adults (beginners & advanced)

Full-day group lessons (4 hours)

No group lessons on Saturdays!

6-day value ticket EUR 292,-

... Book a 6 day ticket and get a better price!

Prices group tickets with an extension option from the 4th day on:

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

6 days

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J 7: turning, basic skiing position, edging
J 6: sliding, carving basics
J 5: parallel steering - long radius turns
J 4: parallel steering - short radius turns, carving - long radius turns
J 3: carving - long and short radius turns
J 2: ski technique/ freestyle
J 1: ski technique/ freeride

Foodie Experience During Lunch Break at Starrest!

Starrest auf Komperdell  2000m

We offer you a full-day supervison (childcare & meals included)!


"Schlemmererlebnis" in the Murmlirest or the Starrest

1 day


"Schlemmererlebnis" - lunch and lunchtime entertainment with the instructors in the Murmlirest or Starrest. Parents are not allowed in the kids restaurants.