We offer 6 to 12 year old advanced skiers a globally unique instructional and adventure program. We want to give your kids a new opportunity for identification with this individual instructional model and get them even more enthusiastic about the wonderful sport of skiing.

Advanced kids are devided into three groups according to the existing ability levels 1 - 6: NEW STAR, COOL STAR & SUPER STAR.  In addition to the usual skiing lesson, the main focus in each module is on four training disciplines: ski technique, safety, freestyle and competitive skiing. 


MODULE 1: There is a New Star on the Slopes!

Skiing is cool. However, freestyle is even cooler! Our snow park for beginners introduces you into the fascinating world of freestyle skiing. In our seperate racing sector, we will show you the proper racing technique and how to increase your speed. In our safety program we teach you the slope rules and how to respond correctly to ski accidents through fun and exciting lesson.


MODULE 2: I Rock the Slopes!

Wanna fly high? No problem. Faster, higher, further - you are the star in the Jip & Progression Circus snow park. We help you to improve your ski and freestyle technique and turn you into a star! In our exciting technique training you will learn how to use your body, ability and brain most effectively. 

MODULE 3: I am the Champion on the Slopes!

You are the star in the Jip & Progression Circus! However, there is always room for improvement and we want to help you to polish your technique. The snow park, which is devided into two areas, makes every freestyler's heart beat faster - and that is true for boys as well as girls! After our professional ski race training you will be "as fast as an arrow"! Our talented instructors will help you to improve your technique in order to boost your speed on the slopes. Learn everything about correct behaviour in the mountains, how to assess alpine risks correctly and what to do in the event of an avalance.

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Prices for Group Lessons "Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding"

Kids, youth & adults (beginners & advanced)

Full-day group lessons (4 hours)

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

6 days

extention price from the 4th day








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