SB 7: sliding BS/FS, zig-zagging
SB 6: first descent, how to use the lift, J-turn, different types of turns
SB 5: drifting and shifting your weight, following the instructor's tracks
SB 4: advanced drifting, switch, ollie, 50/50 boxe, five-O, blue kicker - straight ride,  straight jumps (airbag)
SB 3: short turns, freeriding, nollie, nosepress, tailpress, spins, boardslide, red kicker - straight, first grabs (airbag)
SB 2: body bend, freeriding, jipping FS/BS 180°, kicker red - grab, FS boardslide, street take-off, 180° airbag
SB 1: freeriding, short central position, mogul slope, all 180°, 360°,
butter tricks, kicker black - grab, boxer, Rails, rotation airbag

Prices for Group Lessons "Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding"

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Full-day group lessons (4 hours)

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