FAQ's - Questions and Answers


When does the ski school start and for how many days?

The main division of groups takes place at the Komperdell middle station (2,000m) between 9.30am and 10.30am. You can book a group lesson from Sunday until Friday. Of course it’s also possible to book less days. There are no group lessons on Saturday. On Saturday you have the possibility to book a private instructor.

Is it possible to join the groups each day?

Advanced skiers/ snowboarders can start lessons every day. For ski beginners it’s only possible on Sunday (optionally on Monday). Snowboard beginners can start the group lessons on Sunday or Wednesday.

Does the ski school also offer half-day lessons?

We only offer half-day lessons for 3 year old kids. This is called the “Gentle Birth”.  You can choose between 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon or the full day (4 hours). For older kids we only offer full-day lessons. The course times are from 10.30am to 12.30pm and from 1.45pm to 3.45pm.

Why don’t we offer half-day lessons for older kids?

Long-term experience in skiing / snowboarding has shown that the learn success is much higher during 4 hours. The whole concept / learning program is based on 4 hours lesson per day.  Our concept had proved one’s worth. For 3 year old children of course we offer half-day lessons too.

Is it possible for our kids to be in a group together?

The group division takes place on Komperdell 2000 m.  In general we arrange our groups dependent on the Skiing / Snowboarding skills, the age and the language. If your children have nearly the same level it is no problem. We would like to ask you to express your wish at the division on Komperdell 2000 m.  

How do you arrange the groups for children / adults?

Children: Children which already have been in our Skischool got a „Kinderpass“ from our instructor. In this case they don’t have to show us their skiing skills they just move into the next better group. Advanced Skiers which are the first time in our Skischool have to show us their skills.
Adults: They have to explain their skiing skills at our division.
If the division is not 100% ok, of course you can change the group.

Do we have to book the lunchtime care for every day immediatly?

No, this is not necessary. If you are not sure at the moment how you would like to organize your lunchtime it is possible to book day by day.

Is it possible to get the money back when my child don’t like it?

Generally it is not possible to cancel lessons but the Skischool has different offers to keep your risc as low as possible. For example the trial pass or the extension pass from the 4th day. If it works against one’s expectations nevertheless we have the possibility to change or to settle this course for other family members within the Skischool Serfaus. In case of illness or an injury of course it is possible to cancel the lessons with medical certification.

Who can book the trial pass?

The trial pass is for the 1st day but only for beginners. We offer the trial pass for children aged between 3 and 8 years. If your children like the course it is no problem to extend the ski school lessons.

Is it necessary to wear a helmet?

For the welfare and protection of your children and also for yourself we recommend to wear a helmet.

Which age is necessary for children in order to take a ski or/and snowboard lesson?

Ski lesson is possible starting from the age of 3 years. The Serfaus Ski School, introduced the "gentle birth" for sking kids. Pedagogically trained supervisors take care of the children who can not decide whether they want to play or Skiing. With this method the children are geting little skistars without being forced.
For Snowboard courses we recommend from 7-8 years. If desired, it is also possible for younger children to attend a course.

Is it necessary to book group course in advance?

No. You can buy group course directly in one of our offices S1, middle station Komperdell or the Bärenhütte. Of course it is also possible to book and pay group course over our onlineshop.

What is the advantage we have for booking the group tickets in advance?

If you booked the group course in advance, you receive an confirmation from us via e-mail. With this you can go directly to the meeting point, so you do not need to go in one of our offices.

Is there a difference in price if i first book only  3 days instead 6 day  just right away?

Yes. If you buy the advantage ticket for 6 days in one piece you already have a considerable price advantage. If you buy the days individually, you will be charged the extension card from the 4th day.

Is the skipass included in the price? 

No. Kids to up to 5 years are free. So you have to buy the ski pass seperetaly. Additional information you can find under www.serfaus-fiss-ladis.at

Do I have to take the ski course day one after the other?

In principle yes. It is also recommendet because the program is set up on the day before. If children or adults take a day off it could happen that there do not fit in the old group anymore so that they have to change it. 

If we want a private instructor when should we book?

The sooner the better. In holiday times, we recommand to book your instructor in advance via e-mail,fax or over our homepage in order to meet your wishes. Of course there is also possible to book locally in our office.

Are the listed private prices for one person?

No. The listed privte prices are valid for 1-2 persons, for additional persons we add a fee depending on the booked hours.(1 - 4 hours, morning, noon or whole day). We also have a special offer for familys. Two persons are charged the rest of the family drives for free.

How large must a group be so, it comes about?

One group comes about if a minimum of 4 persons, with less than 4 people is a group of possible merger.